Idiot Person.

What kind of idiot person walks down Michigan avenue on the first of December?
In cloth sneakers? With no hat? And a very bruised shin? And the worst attitude about consumerism? This person.
I bought that hat/scarf out of necessity, not style. Although I really like both of them.
It was ridiculous downtown. Like crazy busy. I was trying my darnedest not to say evil things to ridiculous tourists/shoppers, and believe me, it was difficult. Here are some overheard gems:

-(Woman after nearly getting hit by a car while crossing on a red light) "GO AHEAD. HIT ME. I'll sue you and have a very happy Christmas!!"

-(Another, separate woman after being forced to take the escalator because the second mall elevator was out of order)
"What kind of GOOF BALL MALL is this anyway?! You'd THINK they'd have the elevator fixed!! EScalator's. PSSSHHHH."
When people say things like that, I'm always tempted to turn around and say: "Really? You think you could do a better job? I'd like to see you try on a Saturday during the holiday season."
Don't even get me started about the guy standing outside of Macy's talking about a rally to "bring back Marshall Fields!" Really, buddy?! There is a Salvation army worker standing five feet away from you, ringing a bell for three hours straight FOR THE POOR. You think there are more important matters than than bringing back an old, dead department store?
As you can tell, I am not a very happy shopper. I'm too cynical. The thing that killed me was: I never even ended up buying any gifts! Just browsing. I'll save the actual shopping for a Tuesday or something.

Sometimes I get bummed out because I see something cool-looking and I don't have my camera. Today, when I was heading to the train station, I remembered, I do have a sort of camera! The good ol' Motorola. If it beehoves me, I can always take a quick little shot. The only thing is, I have seemingly no power or control over what result I get. Sometimes the images come out in black and white. Sometimes the sizes are bigger than others. It's very odd.Ok. I could complain some more, but I'm sure you've heard enough. More projects on the way!


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