Hi. Remember me?

Yeah, yeah.

I have pretty much zero time to myself these days. It's all Starbucks and school work. It's hard to get out to relax, let alone to go to comedy shows.

I went to the Blerds at LST last weekend. I got to see Mike Burns (my favorite dick/fart joke comedian), which was a total bonus.

I'm looking forward to this month's show.
Seems the more I shoot, the more discerning I am with decisions on the final cut. Last weekend, I picked only six images. I should be more careful when I choose to smack the shutter, but it seems I always miss the moments I want the more. It's a matter of being really careful, paying attention to what I'm doing with the settings and holding really still. We all know I dont want it to come down to a tripod and/or flash. "Use whatever available light I can" is my rule.

Plans for headshots are finally coming through, I think. A friend of mine is needed them, so we have a session set up for next week. Here is a prelim. photo I took on Wednesday:

She has a hard time relaxing in front of cameras, so it may be a bit of a challenge. At the same time, she's a friend and I make her crack up, so it may be smooth. The shoot was supposed to be today, but it fell through. After that, I'm gonna' try another performer, someone I don't know as well. We'll see how I do making people feel comfortable. The week after that, I'm doing a set for "a band." Sort of top secret. You'll see. If I can be confident and do a good job with these, I may start charging people, save up for a website and make a legitimate business outta' this. No bullshit this time.

Maybe it's a stretch, but I really think my English class is helping my writing. No more comma splices, no more fragmented sentences, and less pronoun misuse.

As far as color photography, the dark room isn't as hard to use as I thought it would be. Our professor is bat-shit crazy and totally unclear about our assignments. It's totally weird not shooting digitally anymore. I'm still not used to the lack of immediate satisfaction.

Keep an eye out and remember to set your phones to vibrate.


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