Night Photography Project

I struggled through a rough few days trying to figure out how to work this blasted Mamiya.
Turns out I grabbed a studio camera instead of the Yashica, which is what I should have checked out.
So I had to do some night photography without a meter. I used my digital as a guide.
I downright hate the technicalities of photography. I wish there were an easier way for me to remember all the jargon and specifics. Blarh.
We'll see how the photos look tomorrow after I get them processed, but I'm not gonna' be too hopeful.
Here's one I took with the Rebel:

Little different from a medium-format film, but you get the idea.
Seems I still cant shy away from my b&w habits. I like color photography alright, but there's nothing quite like the plainness of black blacks and white whites.



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