Nothing to write. Keeping it short.
Blocked. Have to save my creative juices for an English paper.

Here are some pictures from the Pat Brice tribute show at Lakeshore theater. It was great to see Kyle and TJ again and to see Jeff Klinger and Shawn Cole for the first time.

Happiest with the pictures of Kyle and TJ.

Sean introduced CJ as "a comedian who makes me the hardest." He said this drunkenly and not on purpose. It was gold.

Jeff Klinger.

Brady Novak.

TJ Miller.

When he came onstage, I said to Kristy: "He looks like he just came off a ship" Then Kyle said into the mic: "AHOY!"

Shawn Cole.

CJ Sullivan.

That's all I got, other than telling you all, never go to the bar "Wilde's."


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