Things I learned from today's group photo-shoot:

-I need to tidy up my organizational skills.
-I cant direct everyone perfectly, every time.
-I have to remember new people's names almost immediately after I meet them; none of this "You, there!" crap. I'm reminded of Brady Novak's bit: "This is JOHN, I'm meeting JOHN, I'm shaking hands with JOHN."
I also need to pay attention to how people are looking at the camera/where they are looking etc.
-I have to understand how to use flash and learn more of my camera's options. These are skills I've been putting off learning for too long.
Generally, I have a lot more to practice.

I don't want to post any pictures as the group hasn't even seen any: that would be unfair.
I'm scared to even upload them.

Ok. It is a "photo blog," so here's just one non-group photo from the shoot today:

It's busy, but I like it.


Blogger K-Rock said...

holy secret assignment, Batman!

is this an OPRAH FRAMPTON photo shoot, per chance!?!?!

you are doing this!!! i'm jealous/excited of your newly instituted studies. i mean, seriously! i want to study. something.

9:41 PM  

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