Holiday Parties.

A week later, I manage to finish my roll of E6 for the assignment which was due last Wednesday. Fortunately, none of my classements finished the E6 project, so we got a collective extension.
The goal was to shoot an entire roll of Fujicrome and process it ourselves in the lab. The end process will make our images look "dotty," like an impressionistic painting.

Anyway. I skipped the Lodge and Lakeshore tonight. I decided to take the Yashica out to the Architectural Artifacts 20th anniversary party. The owner hired a mariachi band and had an open bar with wine, soda and beer. They were selling all the artifacts for 50% off. I spoke briefly with James, a regular from my Starbucks and headed next door to Lill Street Art center, where a holiday party was going on. More open bar and interesting artifacts. A lot of the artists at Lill Street are Starbucks regulars and I had no idea until I turned the corners into their studios. I wish that I had brought more 120 film; there was so much to shoot! The Yashica certainly gave me a lot of comments. People would say, "Now there's an old camera!" Great conversation piece. Haha.
I met a lot of cool people, including Christine, a jeweler who gave me a pass for the One Of A Kind show at the Merchandise Mart next weekend. I'll be sure to take a trip there next Saturday and and take my camera. Maybe I'll meet some other photographers. I took a shot of Christine in her studio, standing over her display case, and I'm very anxious to see how it turns out.

I left Lill Street and ate pavement as I was walking down the front steps. It was dark and no one was around, so luckily, it was unseen. Man, did my shin take a beating.

Sorry I don't have any pictures tonight; maybe by Wednesday I'll have something to show you guys.


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