Fer tog raffi

Taking initiative inspired from my friends Bella and K-rock and trying to blog more, even if there is nothing to blog about.
A rather non-productive Saturday, other than getting the apartment clean. Mostly I polished off far too many reduced fat Oreos and half a liter of Schweppes.

School is almost over for the semester. I'm relieved and a little sad. I'm starting to get the hang of the darkrooms and I wish I could have this kind of access when I'm not in school. I've spent an average of fifteen hours a week printing. Pretty good, huh? I'm particularly proud of the print I finished on Wednesday. I was the last person left in the darkroom at the end of the night (lonely, scary). I worked for a long time with Jane (the instructor) trying to get the color cast correct.

No access to scan, so I had to take a photo of the photo. I'm really happy with this image, which is rare for me, cause' I'm so effing self-critical.

I tried messing around with my Photoshop a little last night. I wanted to create a sort of "old, grainy, vintage self portrait" but only came up with this:

If it weren't so self indulgent, I'd probably like it more.

Last Christmas day, Dad and I went on a little field trip to Millennium Park for practice shooting. I'm excited to do this kind of shoot again. This time it may be in or around Detroit, so it'll be a nice change of scenery. I'm also looking forward to another Chucklebowl. I might bring the Polaroid camera again.

Speaking of holidays, I had a great Thanksgiving. I brought the school's Yashica (medium-format camera) to dinner and tried out a few shots. Not sure how they'll look yet; all the shots were indoor and at night. I still have to get the film processed. We'll see. At the end of the night, Elizabeth, Kristy and I were half-joking about The Bastion House: a place where writing, art and general creativeness will float about. I called dibs on the attic and making the second bathroom into my own personal darkroom. Hah. The three of us seem to talk about our professional advancement (personally and as a group) often. I suppose it's natural. Anyway. In moments of day-dreaminess, I often browse the apartment/home listings for LA or New York. A lot of the times, when looking at ads for homes in LA, I come across ads like this. Man. Californians really are nuts. At least they use their imaginations.

I checked the camera out and Jane gave me an additional assignment: take a roll of impressionistic photos with the Fujicrome film she handed me before I left. I still have no idea what to do with this project. My Photoshop experiment from earlier sort of throws back to this project, but no way in heck will I make another self-portrait.

MeTV has been background noise for most of the day today and the episode of Star Trek where Kahn makes his debut is on. It's boring. I'll opt for listening to Yo La Tengo and starting my English Paper revision instead.


Blogger Bella Rossa said...

That's a gorgeous photo. You should be proud of your work.

WHAT A GREAT THANKSGIVING, huh? So much fun hanging out with you guys.

8:11 PM  

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