MS, MIB & Burlesque.

Last night, I went to my new favorite venue, LST (Lakeshore Theater) to see Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter perform.

I was a big fan of Stella when it was on Comedy Central but never got a chance to see The State. I also love Wet Hot American Summer and I'm looking forward to The Ten.
Maybe I was a little too amped to see the show. I remember K-rock and Angel told me they went to see them last year and were less than impressed.

I was delighted to see that the theatre had a new lighting/projection system. It was very effective.

Michael Showalter opened up to a very responsive crowd, yelling out to him about Stella and The State. Some of them made several references..
He has this sweet innocence about him that I cant get over. Maybe that's why I was so disappointed in his act. It was pretty vulgar. There was alot of mention of poo and vaginas and urine. It just seems like there could be more to him...Better substance.

I was, unfortunately, sat in front of The Dipshit Quadruplets. There was a constant barrage of heckling and inappropriate comments (to each other) during the show. The need to have their voices on the album that was being recorded was obvious. They had stood in line in front of me outside the venue and all they talked about was a "Rager" they were going to later and which one of them were going to screw which girl at the party.

There was a sort of intermission after Showalter left the stage and we were reminded a few times that the performance was being recorded for Comedy Central. Showalter came out to introduce Michael Black and had to repeat himself for a proper take.

There was a little bit of audience interaction, which was cool. It's kind of neat to think that we sort of got to "hear the album" before it's even released.

After the show, The Michaels stood in the lobby and signed paraphernalia. I re-met "Andrew," a kid I've seen at a few shows, mainly regional, bigger shows rather than local underground venues. He mentioned that he went up at Pressue (and loved it) the other night. We stood in line and shook the Michael's hands.

I met up with K-rock outside and we chatted for a bit. I was talking about the show and I (very loudly) shared my opinion. I said something like: "Yeah, I was sort of disappointed with Michael Showalter; he was vulgar and talked about poo-" as these words are coming out of my mouth, Michael Showalter walks past me, makes eye contact, nods and makes that smile-grimace-facial expression guys make sometimes when they nod (like they're smiling, but not really). I stopped in the middle of the sentence and my eyes got really big and I immediately regretted how I said what I said. I felt like a royal shit, if it werent for the fact that I saw his eyes and maybe a teeny bit of sadness, I might have not cared. Also, MIB skunk-eyed me from the back of their cab. Eeeeh. I guess everyone's a critic. Too bad I had to be one so loudly. All this made me realize I could never be a written reviewer. When it comes down to it, I cant hurt people's feelings, no matter how I feel about them.
I cant dish it because inevitably, I wouldnt be able to take it.

We attended the 1030p burlesque show, "Lipshtick," (comedians and dancers, cute). It was fun! I havent exactly perfected my "Taking pictures of people moving very fast in extremely low light conditions," so I have no pictures of the dancers.
Actually, the pictures I was happiest with from last night were two I took of Jared with the awesome new lighting system:

Welp, that's all for today, folks.


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