Everyone has said so many kind words about Pat, I fear I'll have nothing to contribute but the obvious; Pat was the one of the funniest, brightest, most auspicious people we've ever met.
Everytime I saw him, he'd say "Hey darlin'!" and give me a big hug.

Once my Mum and Dad were visiting from out-of-town and I decided to take them to a Lincoln Lodge show where Pat was headlining. Both my parents were thrilled with Pat's performance and I remember my dad saying something like: "He was so professional and you can really relate to what he talks about." I could have said, "Not only on stage, but in person, too," but I hadnt really known Pat yet. Luckily, I was able to find out what an amazing personality Pat was.
He was full of so much life, he had so much movement and was always smiling, unless he was onstage or telling a story and he'd make that face...

...you know the one, there would be that tiny pause, The Face and then an explosion; "I'm gonna say about a billion!!!!"

We were lucky to know him and hopefully we can all remain inspired by the way he lived.

We'll miss you Pat. Wherever you are, save us a seat at the bar.


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Nicely put, pal.

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