Yesterday was emotionally exhausting for me. I started today off by watching the dvd set Kristy lent me. She had been recommending "Freaks and Geeks" for a long time (and rightfully so; what an amazing show). Instead of sitting around all afternoon feeling sorry for myself, I decided to call it a shooting day. I went down to Daley Plaza and wandered around the Christkindlmart. It was good fun, and I liked listening to the vendors speak German to customers and one another.

Afterwards, I walked over to Millennium park to practice my panning on the skaters. It started snowing and got dark really fast. Here are a few:

This girl had the biggest, brightest smile I've ever seen, and every once in awhile, she'd see me and grin like she was meant for modeling:

A speed skater stopped and chatted with me for awhile. I tried very hard to get some shots of him, but he was just too damn fast! He told me that he goes to the rink at the park every morning at four and skates for exercise. He told me that I should "Try it sometime."

This evening was wonderful, and even though I was only remotely happy with a few images, it was good to be out practicing. It got my mind off a lot of stuff.

edit: I nearly forgot! I read this really great little article (blip? blog? entry?) in the back of Sunday's New York Times Style magazine. The commentary really meant something personal to me (so much so that I've ripped the page out and taped it to my wall) and I think I'll take a look at some of Nan Goldin's work. Check out the article here.


Blogger Kristy said...

i love the panning shots!!!

also, i am worried about you! will you be at work tonight? i may stop through after i get off the train.

7:00 AM  

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