Kumail's Success.

Hey kiddos.
Had a busy, crazy weekend.
At The Vic (for Zach Galifianakis and Kumail opening), K-rock and I managed to get up to the balcony where all Kumail's other pals were hanging out.
Robert Buscemi sweet-talked the little old lady who was sitting watch at the balcony steps to get us up with no passes.

So, I would have pictures for you from the show Friday, but I was accosted by a large security guard who told me to delete all my pictures. Awful. Humiliating.
Anyway. Good news; Kumail killed em'.

Afterwards, we all went to L&L for a few drinks. I relaxed, chatted with the tv critic for TimeOut (Margaret) and eventually felt less bitter. We talked about shows and she suggested I watch Battlestar Galatica (as I like political dramas and BG is where it's at.)
I gave up one day of antibiotics for one night of four beers (shame on me). As easy as it is to talk to people when you have a bit of drinks, it's really not so hard when you're sober. Even though they call it "social juice," It's nice to have a clear head and remember the funny things people around you are saying. Not that I'm a lush...Heh. Yeah.

Saturday, Kumail completed his weekend of awesomeness w/his one man show at Lakshore Theatre.

Lakeshore has gone from becoming my favorite venue to being so. Totally. Chris Ritter is so passionate about the acts he brings in and the "art" of comedy. You can see why so many comedians prefer performing there. I guess it was the first time they ever did a one-man show. And all 250 seats sold out! The show was remarkable. It wasnt stand up so much as "spoken-word." Kumail cleverly incorporated some of his bits into the show, however, proving his writing talent.

I think a few of us definitely connected with what he had to say about faith, growing up, parents, relocation and even a bit of pop culture. It was touching, intelligent and it's safe to say we were all so very proud of him.

The afterparty started at Fizz but we all had to depart at midnight due to the city's outdoor beer-garden ordinance. I managed to hand out a few of my cards (for once) and felt very satisfied.

We headed back to Lakeshore because apparently they were to be open until five am. I got a little antsy in the lobby where everyone was hanging. so I decided to pop into the theatre to check out Col. Ritter's S.H.O.W., something I've heard alot about, but never witnessed. It was...different. Stand-up, magic, burlesque, dancing. I hear they sometimes add a bit of a freak show.

Marzipan the magician and volunteer.

So. That's my weekend for the most part. I'm laid up at home with an ear infection, which will hopefully get better by this weekend as I'd like to catch Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter. *Crossed fingers.*
I dont know why but I got nervous about introducing myself to Ritter. I was sure I'd do it with no problem..."Hi, I'm Krystle, photographer for The Bastion, I totally love the job you do here and it's so much fun to take pictures in your theatre, here's my card..." It sounds easy in my head and I've done it a few times to other people, but for some reason I couldnt approach the guy. Maybe next time...Erg.


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Yay Kumail!!! And yay Krystle. Awesome photos, awesome story.

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