Hey guys. It's me. "That girl that hangs out around shows. And takes really good pictures."

I was lucky enough to go to the Janeane Garofolo/Pat Oswalt show last night. Got there a bit late, was forced to sit in no man's land next to the Miserables. Mr. And Mrs. Miserable. He was gay. She was not. I'm sure she has no idea. They didnt laugh or smile. At anything. Awful. Terrible energy. I lost my lens cap and they didnt even budge when they saw I was struggling to reach underneath the seat.

I wasnt exactly happy with my images, but I guess I did ok considering where I was sitting (far).

John Mulaney opened!

I was pleasantly surprised, I didnt even know he was in town. He's adorable and I want to put him in my pocket.

There was a rather verbose lesbian heckler up front. She didnt want Janeane to leave the stage and kept screaming "DONT GO!" and "Where are you hanging out afterwards?!"
Patton ended up nicknaming her "Gravelpuss."

Patton was the hardest one to photograph, it always looks like his eyes are closed, he paces a bit and he was fasicnated by everything "Gravelpuss" and her "date" had to say so his back was to the area I was sitting in most of the time.

I think the people in front of me were getting mad that he wasnt doing any material. Seriously? How could you be mad about the perfect fodder!?! Who knows. Maybe he'll make a bit out of it.

Set up, Premise, Punchline, right?

Anyway. He ended up getting a standing ovate.

I got a ride home from Buscemi but only after we got a pint of Ben And Jerry's. We ate it in the car with flimsy plastic spoons. It was fun. I cant believe the show got out at 1:30 am! It went by so fast!

Oh yeah. And I pointed out Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Space Station to a bunch of improvisors while we were on a beer garden. It was cool.


Blogger K-Rock said...

And takes really good pictures

how modest!


yay John!!

12:18 PM  
Blogger Bella Rossa said...

These pictures are amazing, K-Roll!!! You're so talented.

8:44 AM  

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