I got the fortunate opportunity to have some open access to "Three Dumb Men" last night. The Annoyance is a pretty lax venue, so I probably could have wandered around inconspicuously anyway, but still cool to shoot the performers "pre-show."

I did a no-no again last night; I forgot to actually CHECK my settings. I was shooting automatic for a good chunk of the show when I could have changed my settings to "fluorescent." A lot of the shots turned out really red. It's not too much of a problem, as I can easily fix it in Photoshop. Still, it's the principle of the matter: I need to pay attention.

There was a very funny, very uncomfortable moment during the beginning of the show when a dvd player decided to be rather difficult and our funny and gracious hosts had to improvise for what felt like ten minutes. It was probably just four minutes, but it felt like ten.

I had never seen any of Kristen's bits before, so it was a nice, new thing to see. She was very funny. Very creative.

It was nice to be out at a show again. The PB Tribute show was the last I'd been to. That may have been a month ago (?). Now that finals are over and I won't be back in school for a little bit, I may go out a little more. Mostly I'm gonna' practice and learn some Photoshop skillz' in my spare time. I'd really like to be able to edit and post my pictures (in this here blog) the way this photographer posts. She condenses all her photos into one little box which saves a lot of blog room and keeps your eyes moving around.

I'll probably scout out new spots/venues/performances and keep looking for new things to photograph. Of course!

How did finals go, you ask? Pretty good, I think. The photo critique was interesting as we did none the entire semester. This was our first and last critique. It's difficult for me to receive/understand critique. Not that I don't like constructive criticism, in fact, I welcome it. I seem to like photos no one else does and I'm always happiest with images (of my own) no one else likes as much as I do. It's the same for the images I find the most boring or unappealing; if I don't like one of my own photos, chances are everyone else will rave about it. The professor noticed I had a very yellow/orange feel to my group of photos and she posed a question to the class, something like: "You think you can tell a lot about the photographer by what patterns in color you see in a set? Like maybe the photographer has a fondness for warm tones?" The class nodded and I interjected: "Actually, I really hate yellow." Everyone laughed and I pointed out that my favorite image from my set was the photo of the flowers (I posted before). The flower photo has strong greens, blues and whites, which I prefer and "I don't know why I was so keen on shooting all those damn oranges and yellows."

Anyway. That's about all I gots today. Keep checking in!


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