Have you met my sworn enemy, The Hideout?
Each and every Stares show I go to, I struggle to get one (if any) good, still, sharp photo. I've mentioned this before. Subjects look like they're in a basement. Their eyes seem hollowed out and if they're wearing dark clothes...forget about it. Even with the new camera, I get two good ones out of 48. This is a photographer's will, though. I'm very stubborn and I hate the idea of an obtrusive flash, especially in such an intimate venue.

This is Brent Weinbach, the headliner for the show last night. He made a few fart/poo jokes, which I dont usually like when performed on stage, but something about his set was pretty darn strong and he kept the crowd quite attentive.

I'm looking forward to a few photo projects, as long as certain producers and performers stick to their words...I have an idea for a big project I want to do...it's just a matter of pitching it to around 20 different people. Eep. I have a limited amount of time to get everyone done and I still have to come up with some other ideas but for now it's just sitting in my craw, stewing.

I went to the zoo last week for all of 20 minutes. I left early because my battery went dead (I wasnt checking the LCD). I took this. I like it.
I intend to go back this week to finish what I started. We'll see what I can get.


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