Team Submarine Because It Rhymes.

Did well tonight, I think.

Although there was one incident where I went out to shoot with Man On The Street at The Lodge but didnt realize my iso setting was at 800. This probably means nothing to you, so in laments terms, I got "really effing grainy pictures."

Once again, I took more pictures at A Demon Who Never Appeared. I cant seem to get enough. I even sat in the "press section" tonight. This is what I've deemed it since this is where Steve and K-rock usually sit. Most of the time I sit right up front, which is sometimes too close.
I cant seem to find that perfect place to shoot from.

Since I really should go to bed, I'll only post two pictures from tonight.

Mike Holmes at The Lincoln Lodge.

Dr. Kumail and Colonel Wigsplitter at Demon.

Team Submarine at Demon.

Ok, three. But seriously; it's time for bed.


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