The Three Day Week I

Here's the thing.

I'm downright finished with the unprofessional level my computer is performing at.
I'm ready to work on all this photo stuff and it's difficult when you have limited cooperation from your electronics.

The memory is loading up because there's no way for me to burn anything onto disks, I keep getting an error message every time I try to burn and I've ruined about seven blank disks already. I've trouble-shot my way out of a cannon and I still got nothin.

Maybe it's me. Maybe I need to take one of those classes with old people to teach me how to use modern day things with buttons and lights.

That whole spectacle with my computer/Flickr provides me with nowhere to upload pictures and people at that company certainly dont know how to furnish excellent customer service; as I've read in the forums, a few people have had this problem and noone has been helped out.

I shouldnt complain too much. I'm lucky I have a computer at all.

On a happier note...Shows!
I went to the second to last show at Chicago Undergound Comedy and was delighted to see John Mulaney. I swear I've seen him somewhere before...He did look pretty darn familiar. He runs a room in Rafifi's with Nick Kroll, which sounds pretty frickin' sweet. He was Hi-larious.

It was good to see Renee "L.A." Gauthier again.
I loved watching Kumail's seemingly improvised bit on the hibernation of holiday decorations.
In trying to tone down his strangeness, Ken read racist jokes from potato chips and regular jokes from newspaper comics.
TJ was there, too.

It was sad to see the ChUC banners gone, but thus is the life of a room.
Next week will hopefully bring in a good crowd.

After ChUC, I ventured out to Cork Lounge for all of three seconds.
It terrified me and it seemed to be a slow night...

I figured out how to turn my assist beam off so it's not flashing into comedians eyes.

Last night, K-rock and I ventured out to Bucktown (Wicker Park?) to see The Spectacular Show. It was a nice little surprise. I'm gonna' post pictures of that later.

Guess what? My Flickr uploader works. So. Somehow. Pictures are getting uploaded to kgemnich. This is freaking me out.
Ya'll have alot of picture viewing to do.


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