The Spectacular Show was surprising. I mentioned that already. It was well run and it seems the performers enjoyed it most of all.
I had never heard of or seen Cameron before but I liked her jokes.

Jeremy works at a Starbucks I sometimes go to as a "borrowed partner." Also, I liked what he did. Another surprise.
Fojas?! Another surprise! I was expecting a curly-haired dude.
Sam. I had a beer with this guy before the show. His roomate's little brother works with me at Starbucks and I had Thanksgiving dinner with said little brother and roomate tonight. Three times Starbucks was mentioned during the Spectacular Show.
I think I'm gonna' start a special weekly entry wherein I pick the most "photogenic" comic (for that week.)

Sometimes comics look real good. And they make great faces and hand-gestures and wear neat clothes. Sometimes they move around too much and wear alot of black or look like they didnt get too much sleep. I'd like to make an "unphotogenic" comic entry too, but I dont wanna' hurt feelings.

Photogenic comic of the week?

Dan P.!
Great shirt, Dan.

I did have a hard time shooting Jeb, last night. He moves around ALOT. Happy Thanksgiving.
Shit. I found out that (technically) the first Thanksgiving in North America was in Canada. Whoa. Wikipedia it, bitches. (Look under Thanksgiving in Canada.)


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