In The Name Of One Laugh.

This guy went up at the Mix last night. He might have been drunk (?). Or pretending to be...

He stumbled around the stage, heckled the audience, mentioning that everyone (the comedians) in the room was in a "clique." He yelled accusingly: "Are you ordering a drink!?" towards someone standing at the bar. Buscemi yelled back: "It's a BAR!"

Now, I'm not saying I thought this dude was funny but it makes me think...what certain comedians do for even one laugh. Even if it's nervous laughter. The imagination reels. A comedian in Toronto tells me that "this kind of comedy" isnt very appreciated. These kinds of comedians are definitely doing something for a point. You might not know what it is but you can sometimes be left thinking "What the hell was that?" which may be exactly what they're aiming at. Another problem with this is that not alot of people can do it very affectively. Most of the time you just end up annoyed and sickened.

It's hard for Americans to laugh at something they dont understand. Human drama and behavior is one of the funniest things on the planet but unfortunately it makes alot of people very uncomfortable. They'd rather laugh at poo jokes or a dude being kicked in the scrotums. Or even someone yelling.

This makes me think...I wonder what happened to "Joe The Comedian."


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