Allison Leber called me up today while I was at work (I forgot to call her back, damnit) and left me a voicemail. It went a little something like this:

"Hii-iii Krystle, it's Alli. I was just calling to see if you were busy tonight cause'...well, I uhh... wanted to know if you had time...if you could...uhh-take pictures of the bump on my head..."

Funniest voicemail yet. I want more.

I would really like to see/shoot more of Allison. The idea of taking pictures at the Common Ground Collective volunteer trip just thrills me.

Surprisingly, no Mix tonight. Just a Sarah Silverman dvd which somewhat disappointed me.

Not to copycat The Bastion's opinion(s), but I'm disappointed that not enough comedians are online.

I tried to google one comedian's name (Ron Lynch) and I got nothing. Just a link to a cartoon show he did a voice-over for, which I already knew about. They need a way for people to find them and find out about them.

Jesus Christ. I uploaded the three pictures from Friday I took at The Lodge and I'm convinced my camera is a dream.

I shouldnt divulge too much because I'm an "artist" and you have to be discreet and modest about this sort of stuff but I'm really astounded. I'm very lucky to have this...power...of sorts.

I was sitting at the bar when I took this. If you know The Lodge, you know the bar is pretty far from the stage. I put the camera down for whatever reason after Kumail finished. My memory card only holds about 20 pictures. I really need to get a new card with a capacity for many, large photos.

I might have been afraid to take more; I'd get carried away and end up sitting, deleting unwanted pictures to make room.

I hope to make it to the Weeds show tomorrow night. I should read the camera manual, see what I can learn.

Edit: Flattered to learn that more than four people read this thing somewhat religiously. Cute. And sort of terrifying.



Blogger Kristy said...

Liam Lynch? Ron Lynch? I saw "Liam" on the director's "cut board". What is that thing called? We didn't have a cut board at Buscemi's show. However, I'm convinced that the Buscemi DVD, if/when it comes out, will RIVAL Sarah's movie, in terms of content, direction, and editing. Because Buscemi and Roberts, both, are geniuses that walk amongst us.

The 'empty stage' shot from that show is still the desktop picture for my work computer, and it calms me.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Always On Silent said...

Ron Lynch was the comedian that warmed up for Sarah. She told the story about how she would pay him a dollar to put his balls in his beverage and then drink it...

1:29 AM  

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