Yesterday's Apathy.

I'm somewhat blocked this morning. I cant figure out how to start the write. I'll keep it image-dense and word-meager.

I met up with Kristy yesterday on the first brown line train-car at the Damen stop. We headed over to Weeds for the "People Under The Stares" showcase. We got there quite early. I grabbed pizza from the place near the train station while Kristy gabbed with the mouthy Native-American bartender.

A few of the performers got there late and the show didnt start until 9:30 with a sparse crowd. I failed to edit these because I dont have much time today.

Another image for the "Empty Venues."

Oh, dear. I'm a terrible photojournalist. I didnt catch the name of the host!

Vanessa Fraction.

Brady Novak practicing his "16 years Improv Classes."
Dan Mintz.

I liked the lighting in this room but the band was in an awkward spot and I should have moved around. It was my first time actually trying to work my camera properly; figure out all the bells and whistles and I struggled for a while. The images could only be shot on the smallest resolution because my memory card doesnt have the capacity for larger images.

I didnt feel myself yesterday. Kristy talked to me about industry stuff (which I usually love hearing and learning about) but somehow, I was out of it; I couldnt pay attention. To anything. The time, the trains, my food.

Everyone has been talking about Kristen Ames and I'm not sure what to think about it. It's exciting and scary. For all involved.

After Weeds, K-rock and I mosied over to ChUC to find a small group of kids hanging out. Tony Sam, his girl Deb, Fojas, Mike D and Angel. We did absolutely nothing and I managed to get 20 some songs on the jukebox for free, only to find everyone leaving right after I sat down.

I got home, uploaded the pictures and read some Myspace messages. I was bored yesterday afternoon and instead of doing something productive (like learning Photoshop) I browsed the Myspace pages for Toronto comedians. I came across this fellow and loved his stuff. His strange observation and abstract ideas just killed me. Kristy can vouch for me when I say I talked about him almost all day. It turns out, he's friends with Thomas Middleditch and they were in a sketch group together in Toronto. Small world.

After I plugged in my camera, I recieved an im from him. We ended up talking about the Toronto/Chicago/NY/LA comedy scenes until very late. I wish I had saved the conversation.

That's all for today. More stuff Friday.



Blogger Kristy said...

Haha. That was "Rockin' Rian Murphy!" He's with Draaaag City, man.

I have a freebie photo editor that I can get you through OiNK that does the job and does it well -- esp. for things like low-light levels, that really help the images POP.

My guts are getting all fluttery just thinking about tomorrow.

12:20 PM  
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