Night-Night, Gunther Murphy's

So we all had our last night at Gunther Murphy's yesterday. For a somewhat sad occasion, everyone was in high spirits. Some good news was travelling around. Brendon McGowan hosted and did a cracker-jack job at introducing people. Here are my favorites of the night.

Paul Thomas blessed us with the sermon of the Cell-Phone Preacher.

Sam Fels gave an explanation of how a banquet of his exes would go.

"Mr." Kumail.

It was my first time seeing Sugar (Powdered? Covered? Coated? I cant remember) Doughnuts. Thank god for "Every Eminem Song Ever" live.

It was a musical night. "Mrs." Hannah and her keyboard.

Happy and surprised to see Flannery go up. I couldnt help remembering other comedian's recent impersonations of Sean, causing me to laugh harder when I saw the real thing...

Tony! Tony Sam!

Bobby Boosh. This man is photographed entirely too much.

Exactly what I was looking forward to the most...Mike and Duane are my heroes. I might go to the next Rent Party to see them and actually get to take pictures of Schadenfreude.

This killed me.

This is Brendon explaining why Krystle should never play games in a bar. He won. Cricket was the game? I really dont remember.

I think I know these people...
I've been editing photos and listening to Fleetwood Mac albums for the past two hours.
This is how it works.
That's all for today.

Look for Most Photogenic Comic Of The Week on Sunday.

Oh yeah, there's a new Blerds video up. Check it.


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