I Live In A Funny Neighborhood.

Spitfire at the Lodge. Host: Becky Garcia:

I live in a funny neighorhood. Here's why. As of late, Hannah Gansen (below) has been making a few cameos at my place of work [Starbucks.] One day she was in and expressed that she's been feeling a little..."Creatively constipated." She proved this wrong last night, methinks. All the girls did really well. I heard Thursday was just as good, if not better.

Little Faye:

Alli. Alli Leber is awesome. She is completely selfless and supportive. Like K-Rock, she scolds me anytime I try to humble myself. She talked to me more about the Comics For Change benefits. I look forward to the next one...I met her cousin who reminded me totally of one young Keanu Reeves.


Deb Downing comes into my Starbucks almost every other day. I've seen her in the store several times before and every time I do I think, "She looks very familar!" She came in last week and I finally said: "You're Deb, arent you?" I got that funny puzzled look from her and I explained how I knew K-Rock and that I was looking forward to seeing her perform on Friday. After the show, I got a nice greeting from Deb and I suggested she try putting a Splenda in the foam on her latte; it tastes kinda' like cotton candy if it were made out of froth.

A couple of other comedian sightings at this Starbucks include: Andy Ross, Steve "O" Harvey, Deb Downing (see story above), Brian Gallivan and around 5 different Second City students. It's probably a little strange to have your barista's face light up as she says: "You do comedy, dont you!?"

Deb's impersonation of a Chimp doing an impersonation of Sinead O'Connor:

The Belly Dancers of Hipnotic.

Mike Olsen's impersonation of a Sailor-Pirate-Villainous-Frenchman:

Afterwards, Kristy, James Fritz and I went over to The Bierstube for a drink.

Sonny the Bartender:

I experienced what "might" feel like competition (if I really took it that seriously) last night. After around two am, I realized I just need to relax and stay focused. It doesnt matter what kind of camera I have, I still do a decent job. I'm working hard at getting better and more experienced, so there is no worry over here.

Today I got a call from my dad.

Yeah, he's got an automotive satire blog now...and it's got a three word title, sound familiar? Heh, heh. Dont read it if you dont know what a Front Subframe Shift VK/FwAgG-54.2B is.

Seems everyone's a Blerd deese-dayse.

He knew before I did that The Bastion added me to the credits as a Contributing Photographer. Sure, cool dad. I just couldnt get over the fact that my dad reads The Bastion almost as religiously as the comedians in the scene do.

Anyway. Some things to look forward to?:

-Your Sunday Best (as usual).
-Seeing/Photographing Matt Braunger and *possibly* Eric Acosta on Tuesday at ChUC if there's no second show at Weeds.
-The ChUC Holiday Spectacular.
-David Dineen-Porter at the end of January (from my motherland!).
-2007 in general.

Night, cats!


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