Friday Night's Bitter Edge.

Things have been rough on this side of the monitor.

It's been too cold to step foot out of doors. Instead of going to shows, I've taken to watching ridiculous Christmas movies and making monotonous blog posts on Myspace.

Last night I sacrificed myself to the frigid night air and-thus the life of a good photographer-only got one (or two) good shots of the night.

I wanted to check out some of the Edge comedy shows, so I took a chance.
I waited a good 45 minutes for the Damen bus to take me to Clark. I ended up walking six blocks to Kitty Moon for the Alter Egos showcase.

I saw the tail-end of the first show and sat around waiting for the second to start. I was accosted by the charming bar puppy, Mona a few times as well.

I had totally forgotten that Adam Kroshus was in town and we sat and talked for a little bit about Wisconsin and Chicago.

Tony Blanco's character was a terrifying (loud) clown. Fringles? Pringles? I really oughta' write down the names of these people the next few times I'm out.

This is presumably the reason I had nightmares last night:

Thanks alot, Tony.

Adam's Gay English Butler.

Something I'm not sure I liked about the Alter Egos showcase was all the yelling. Alot of the comedian's characters were very screamy. Mike Wiley (pictured first) was actually complaining about the loss of his voice later in the night. Tony Blanco didnt even use the microphone. Brendan McGowan performed the only character that didn't entail hollering, in fact the opposite; a very polite southern gentleman. I didnt capture any photos of this because he ended up having a really short set and I was feeling antisocial when I got there.

Tony Sam and Jeff Tobin arrived fresh from Santa Kong (wherein attendees dress in Santa clothes, get on a trolley with strangers, drink and go to places around the city to cause mayhem). I'm pretty sure they were C-mashed when they walked in. Something about "drunk santas" is mildly amusing. They told me that the lot of them ended up getting kicked out of Macy's. I like the idea of this "Santa Kong" and I think it's something I'd like to do next year, maybe as a "photo assignment."

Here is Brady doing a rather classic character: A plumber lecturing on about pipes. I forgot that Brady actually knows pipes, so it was very convincing.

I went to the Crowd Work showcase across the street afterwards. The "Santa's" followed me over and did some light, soused heckling before getting impatient and taking off. Surprisingly, even though Jeff hates hecklers, he does a pretty good job at being very mean and heckly.

I didnt get many good shots, I wasnt up to much after the Alter Egos showcase and the trek through the cold. If you want to know about the show, Dan P.(the ref) can tell you aaall about it.
He was kind enough to give me a ride home so I didnt have to stand for another 45 minutes at the glacial Clark Bus Stop. We actually had some really good shop talk.
I found it a little easier to"talk shop" with someone who is as relatively new into the scene as I am. The perspectives are similar, I think.

I just read about Bonnie "Prince" Billy doing Stand-Up and I'm pretty stoked. Ok, that's an understatement. I'm damn excited. I'm over-the-clouds-thrilled. I really want to get some stellar shots at the People Under The Stares show. Here's hoping.

That's all for today.
See you tomorrow.


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