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I am currently reading "back-issues" of 5DM and cracking up.

Warning: I'll be talking about techie stuff this post...

I dont have any pictures for you because I moved boxes up and down three flights of stairs all day yesterday, unpacked a bit, wiped out on my bed, slept all afternoon, woke up and realized just how broke I am.
Consequently, I missed The Birds Nest. Unhappy.

I took a trip to Best Buy on Friday to figure out what was going on with my camera:


So, because it was the fourth time I had taken it in for repairs, I qualified for Best Buy's "No Lemon Policy," which basically means I get a new camera (from the store) worth the price I paid for the orginal. Turns out, none of the Canon A models out now are worth four-hundred bucks. So, what can I get instead?
I've talked about this camera before (see previous post). It's a step up from what I had. While looking at my receipt, the girl asked me which camera (worth four-hundred bucks) I wanted. Without hesitation, I pointed at the S3. She laughed and said "I guess she knows what she wants!"

I have to pick it up on Wednesday and it wont get here soon enough. I warned K-Rock that I'd be talking about this for the next week or so. I cant mess around with this one, though. I treated my old camera like shit but this time it'll be different. No more abuse.

The thing about this camera: it has an image stablizer, which means I can shoot a few stops slower and its just DARN perfect for the lighting situations I'm always in. It also has 12x zoom.
I cant wait to see the images I'll get with this. Expect little squeals of joy as I experiment with it's options at shows.

I have to thank Angel (over and over) for letting me use her camera. I really appreciate it.

I'm looking forward to relaxing at Bad Dog tonight. I look forward to Bad Dog every Sunday. It's just the perfect way to end the week.


Blogger K-Rock said...

what, am i a clown to you? HUH?

nice coverage, little monster. you are good.

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