Oct. 15th.

October 15th. The first day of my lease.

After moving boxes around, unpacking and still living in between two places, I looked forward to a cozy night at Bad Dog like every Sunday. It was totally worth the wait.

The show was fun. I came in and stole Lauren Bishop's seat next to K-rock. Lauren stood next to us with her red wine (trademark Bishop item while at the bar) and we had a frightening conversation about hypocondria. The show went on and K-rock fed me drinks made of Christmas* all night.

During the show, K-rock and I spoke very briefly about her ventures in promotion. It made me want to squeal. She mentions that 2007 will be awesome and I'm on her "roster." It's hard to keep my excitement in when she talks about this. I act childish when it comes to things like that. I just cant wait for this stuff. It's sort of like Christmas-time when you're a kid. You know you'll get awesome stuff and play in the snow and drink hot chocolate and sled down the big hill and decorate the tree, but you want it to happen NOW.

A nice email was passed along to me from K-rock giving me hopes to actually start calling what I'm doing work. Do I have to wait another year before I'm allowed to talk about it like that? Do I have to have a year of "Fan-girl" status before that happens? Whoa. I just referred to myself as a "fan-girl." Yikes. I'll be honest...Sometimes I feel like K-rock's little monster. Protege? No. I like "Little Monster" better.

Anyway. Lauren did her set, finishing the showcase. The open mike started and I was finally relaxed. Jay Harris did almost his entire set three inches away from my face. Terrifying.

I'm positive that Amy Clark(e?) is my new favorite female stand-up comedian. So squirrelly. You cant understand most of what she says and you dont know precisely what's going on; it's all over the place but somehow it's organized and still hilarious. She knows exactly what she's doing.

After the open mike, we all milled about the dj area. There was Ricky C., K-rock, Angel, Fojas, Lauren Bishop, Mike Holmes and James Fritz was behind the bar. We're all chatting and TJ Miller walks in, looks around the room and displays a look of utter agony and disappointment. He missed it. Jordan V. Roberts walks in behind with a humongous camera. They ask permission to film and Andrea allows it. Now, K-rock has mentioned "The Energy" before and I never really believed or felt it. Somehow it just popped up last night. They came in, filmed, had a drink and left. It was almost like it never happened. Like they were phantoms. While everyone else rolled their eyes, K-rock and I sat there in a stupor watching these kids do amazing things. Maybe we were in awe. Or maybe it was Jordan's crazy-ass, bright-camera-light. K-rock, as if to torture me, pointed out that this situation "makes for a great photo." Aaaruggh!

Wednesday! Wednesday is the day dreams are born.

So, there's that. After having a boring, tiring, no go-out weekend, one night at Bad Dog made up for all of that.

Here's something: My new room is beautiful, humungous, etc, etc. There's one thing; I have really ugly, wooden closet doors. I've got a few fliers from shows I want to cover it with, but not nearly enough. If you have extras from any shows you may have seen me at or for any shows coming up, give em'!

*Vanilla Stolli and Diet Coke


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