Some Questions.

There's another shot for my "Empty Venues" series, or rather, "Series."

Should I take this project seriously? Probably not. I might actually re-shoot this venue (several times) until a more promising shot surfaces. I go to ChUC enough, I'm sure I'll take enough GD pictures of that stage until I'm finally happy. I can do better.

Speaking of being happy with pictures; I need to figure out the situation with my camera. It's just not cutting it anymore. I think I need to put her down...She's getting batty in her old age. It could be "sensor dust," too.

I plan on selling my Grandmother's antique table. Perhaps with the money aquired from that, I could hook myself up with a decent camera. Look at this beaut:
It does have an image stabilizer, which is perfect for dark venues and fast-moving comics. I guess I'll have to see about the warranty on my current excuse for a camera.
Ok, ok, enough with the boring technical minutia.

Did I go to Bad Dog tonight? Sort of. It was called, not on account of rain-rather-Bears.
It's funny how every Sunday, I always argue with myself and end up in that room, ordering water from Andrea. Even after a six-hour train ride from Michigan. Sad. The apartment I want is two blocks away from said bar. Even more sad.

I'm looking forward to this Friday like it's my J-O-B. It very well might be. Will I have a camera? I hope so.

I shared Brunch today with my roomates at the Lincoln Restaurant and they complained about how Brady Novak and Mike Bridenstine always have the same "bits." I could do nothing but smirk over my O'Brien potatoes. That was funny. That comment has got to be up there with the "top annoying things audience members say and do" list. Try working four rooms a week+ and have new material every time. I'm no comedian, and true, it is a nice surprise to hear new (successful) bits, but come on, man.

Did I enjoy last night? To tears. It was my first visit to Pressure, and boy was I bummed that I hadnt brought my camera. Great lighting, great red curtain, awesome tea. Dont get me started on the awesome conversation(s) with K-Rock, Blanco and Fojas at "Memories" afterwards; "Fuck, Marry or Push off a cliff?"
Completely unrealistic game. Ridiculous. I refuse to believe that I got the ball rolling on that game.

Leave, withdraw.


Blogger Fuck You Google said...

Dude, that camera is so beautiful.

I just have a little digital cam, but suprisingly, it takes good pictures.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I blogged about your blog. Then more people wrote about it.



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