I'm trying to figure out how I should post pictures on this thing. I'm absolutely bat-shit-terrible when it comes to formatting layouts and everything always ends up all bunchy. It's like Yearbook class all over again. Maybe I should just limit myself to ten photos a post or just post five, plus the link to Flickr.
Well, here's some for now.

More pictures of The Press, as promised:

Lincoln Lodge 10-6-2006

Friday night was magical. Lincoln Lodge fez-tivities were full of over-sized drum-sticks, new cast-members and a felicitous energy.

The press conference took awhile to get underway, and maybe it was a little short, but it's all about quality, not quantity, right? I hated that giant black partition thing they had on the stage.

The show followed the press conference almost immediately. It's impressive how fast they can disassemble that stage.

Host Steve O. Harvey.

Jared Logan.

Dwayne Kennedy.

Poet Robbie Q.

Afterwards, new cast member headshots were done and everyone headed over to local favorite post-lodge dive: Resi's.

New Castmember Alison Leber.

Now, the Demon Show:
Jesus Christ. 211 pictures and a full memory card. I shot from a different perspective this time. Very close. Sometimes sitting that close doesnt neccessarily mean a good result. Although I may have lucked out this time. Lets just say it was a little more challenging than usual.

Dr. Kumail.

Mike and Duane are insanely photogenic.

I had to be quick with the shutter when it came to Kumail, tonight. Unbelievably frightening facial expressions and alot of movement. Kumail is quickly becoming my favorite comedian to shoot.
Dr. Kumail (Possessed).

I thought this bit was funny at the time because Becky Garcia had just finished telling me how she doesnt like it when in horror movies people shake their heads really fast (like they're possessed.)

Apparently, Jason Fever loves the camera. Sitting in the front row with a camera can have it's consequences.
Jason Fever.

The thing I love about the Demon Show, is that I can shoot in colour and not be bothered by it. The lights are so harsh, it makes it easier and the colours really pop.

I decided I dont like taking pictures of people in masks. I feel fake when I do it. Especially if the person is fake masturbating.

I'm sorry all these images are centered. I dont feel like coming up with a more aesthetically pleasing layout. Lazy. I really want to post more pictures of Duane and Mike, but there are too many. Just visit the links to see them all...

So, today was interesting. Busy, colourful. Surprising. Despite my newness to the sport of football, I joined K-rock at Delilahs for a Bills/Bears game. The Bills got slaughtered. It was fun to be in the bar and eat chicken wings and listen to the rally song the time the Bills prevented the shut-out...Just learned what that term means today, by the way; "shut-out."

We stopped by a bar (which I cant recall the name of right now) not far from Delilahs to visit with CJ Sullivan and both he and Adam Kroshus were watching an Eagles/Cowboys game. Also a Cardinals/Chiefs game and possibly a Packers/Rams game. SPORTS.
Pat Brice strolls in almost ten minutes after we show up.

I think I had had enough football for one day. I may have gotten a headache from it. That sounds ridiculously air-headed, but I was not happy anymore.

I was telling someone, I wish I knew more about the technicality of the game. Perhaps if I spent an hour a day playing Madden on the Xbox 360 (that I dont own), my knowledge would improve.

I went home, tried to nap, worked on pictures for two hours, my roomate force-fed me a mixed tequila drink with three advil, went to a CVS in a zombie-like trance, avoided buying mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, went home and then decided to go to Bad Dog. As usual.

K-Rock, Angel and Mike D, were milling about the bar and it seemed like I missed the showcase and several other goings-on that evening. I gave up asking by midnight. I almost passed out on one of the couches in the bar and took a shot of bourbon with three tough-guyse.

The weekend is over. I'm done drafting this post.

Here are the respective links to each show:


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great post. my head hurts. i drank for approx. 12 hrs. yesterday. i'm useless at everything.

yes, i believe in aliens.

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