Walk Before You Run

Chicago Underground Comedy 10-3-3006

I think I'll be taking Gramma into Best Buy tomorrow to see about getting her replaced. It's sad, but necessary.

I went to ChUC last night. Out of a shit-ton of pictures, only two came out decently sharp.
I basically went to shoot Bridenstine and Alison (and to talk to Alison about the possibility of volunteering for Common Ground). The best picture I got all night; a dude I dont even know.

Mike Bridenstine tried talking to me about comedy and the media and the internet, but I think he may have intimidated me a bit. I'll get to the level, dont worry; I just have alot more "thinking" to do. I dont know how K-Rock does it.
I'm a little in awe of these people. I'm scared to open my mouth sometimes, in fear that I'll say something totally ridiculous.
"Stick to takin' the pictures, Roll."

After all that, Angel caught up at Gunther Murphy's and we hitched a ride with Alison and Mike Olson (or as I like to call them, the Olson-Leber Experience) and we headed over to the Town Hall Pub to see my favorite local country western band, Devin and The Straights. The Olson-Leber Experience departed after only a few songs, but soon Fojas, Brendon McGowan and his sister Francie joined us.

I learned something last night; McGowan is terrifying. DO NOT chime into conversations with him if you know NOTHING (or even half an inch) of the subject. He'll call you on your shit. Mortal Kombat? Street Fighter? Ninja Turtles? Ex-American Presidents? Done and done. No pictures were captured of this fella' and his bright red sweater vest.

On the drive home, a stop to Clark Dog was demanded and the men-folk purchased Philly Cheese steaks. Another safe drive home, thanks to Fojas.

See you Saturday with Lodge Pics, Ladies and Germs.

Post Script:
Random, non-comedy related photo/story from last night:

Town Hall Pub 10-3-2006

I've seen Devin and The Straights a few times, and I'm amazed every show. The band has an intense energy on stage. They never miss anything. The first time I went to see them was completely on a whim, after a comedy show. I went not expecting anything and was totally surprised. I spoke briefly with Francie about the band. She said that she and her brother came to the THP with Fojas after the show at Playground; she wasnt expecting anything and was totally delighted. Next time, I'll have to get closer and bust out the camera.


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