Since the Apes show, I've been going to little to no shows. If I do go to a show, I "forget" my camera. I suppose nothing's wrong with a little hiatus. I said I was gonna' wait for the D.C. trip to make a new update but I figured I'd be a bad "blogger" if I didnt write something soon.

Where might I have been in this past month (all four of) you ask? Well, besides being holed up in my apartment listening to far too much Tchaikovsky, reading about dead presidents, being obsessed with my RSS Aggregator and making apple pies, over a week ago I had to entertain some visitors. Friends of (my roomate) C.J., Michael and Andrea were Architect students. They staid for about a week and went out on their own alot. In one day they went to Wrigley Field, China Town, Hancock Tower and they took a tour of a Condo in Lakeview just so they can see another good view of the city.

It's kind of interesting how you can see the city you live in in a new light when you have visitors. A temporary appreciation can develop for all the touristy stuff. We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Art Institute and Oak Park (to see the Frank Llyod Wright houses.)

Michel at the Rudolf Stingel exhibit.

After the trip to the MCA, we stopped by a Lebanese resaurant for dinner; something I would have never done without promting from others. A really neat experience. We sat cross-legged in a booth on a bunch of pillows and blankets. Michael and I devoured our weight in pita bread.

I loved the way the light came through the windows in the restaurant.

Last Tuesday, "The Kids," CJ and I went to a show at SubT to see a friend of C.J.'s band perform. I really liked how photogenic the guitarist/vocalist, Tim was.

Dundries Flying Over Iceland.

I'd really like to try and practice more live music photography. It's a little harder as I cant exactly afford the cover at most SubT shows and I usually only ever get the motivation to see live music when it's Devin and The Straights.

Well, now for the comedy.
Went to the Chicago Comedy series at The Apollo Last night.

I remember being really surprised by the size and look of the venue; very tiny with a black curtain and a makeshift bar in the corner. Sort of like a Playground. For adults. Only filled with college students from North Carolina.

Host Jared Logan.

Jared did a wonderful job hosting, a natural. He first introduced Dutchess, an (predictably) all female improv group.

Two members of Dutchess.

The stand up portion was next, with Kumail doing an outstanding set with a lot of great crowd-work.


Following Kumail up was sketch-driven Jet and Holly, doing sketches from their show, "I Live Next Door To Horses." I was delightfully surprised by these two and the curious, almost twisted sketches performed.

Jet and Holly.

The last bit, a sort of musical montage about an adolesent boy trying to find a date for prom and finding a girl in the form of a robot (and his way into becoming popular) showed me how clever these girls can be, reaching beyong the "pussy" jokes they really dont need to do.

After a ten minute intermission (and the longest bathroom line of all time), Jared did another five or so minutes of standup and introduced the last group, reunited Warhammer. I
I enjoyed Warhammer especially because of the premise: six people "hanging out in a living room bullshitting," and if they "feel so inclined," stand up and do a bit of improv based on what they were talking about.

Timmy Mayse.

It seemed the group was going for a sort of "Parental" theme that night, as it came up more than four times.

Emi Candini.

Emi Candini even dropped trou' not once, but twice during the show.

It was nice to go to a show in a new venue and I'm looking forward to seeing more new shows in more new places in the next few months. Lakeshore Theater is planning on hosting alot more comedy, I hear.

See you in less than two weeks with a total geek-out entry?
Maybe sooner?
We'll see.


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