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I've been neglecting my posts again. I'm not sure if it's laziness or a blockage of creativity. It cant be the latter, as I've been busy working on a portfolio of sorts, frying my brain looking over 5000 some photos of goofy people in front of microphones in dark places.

Also, business cards! Silly? Professionalish? Well, I like them anyway. See if you can "Guess that comedian's hands."
Look for a website in the near future. That is if I can find someone that can a) Teach me html or b) do it for me for cheap. And I mean free.

The last few weeks have been busy. I took a trip back home to Michigan, got stuck on a train for two extra hours, saw a bad cover band at a crap yuppie bar in Royal Oak and had an all-around relaxing weekend. No comedy whatsoever. Although the level of seriousness to which the guitarist from the cover band took himself was pretty funny.There he goes.

I was home last weekend for the Comedy Awards, which was a fun, interesting...different thing.
At the Hidden Cove afterwards, I got the chance to be accosted by Online Personality Rob Johnson with Kristy and Brido as witnesses. Scarring moment. Dont ask.

I made an ass out of myself on Presidents Day by reciting ridiculous political facts (more so than usual). I reveled in Michael Palascak's joke which referenced every single American president (within one or two minutes).

This weekend was the callback auditions for the Just For Laughs festival. It's sparked a resurgence of pride for my home-country. Something I've never been able to understand is: unless you are an American comedian, you have no idea what "Just For Laughs" is. It's something I've been familiar with since I was smaller. Why? I dont know. It was like Kids In The Hall or The Royal Canadian Air Farce. Always around.
An aside, did you know that This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes has been around longer than The Daily Show?

Well anyway. The Auditions:

Allison Leber.

The usual suspects went up; a few Blerds boys, some Spitfire girls. Boosh. And one new face. Good stuff.

Tony Sam.

The aforementioned face, Tyler Kroll, who's surname is shared with a certain someone as a nickname. I guess he's good friends with comedian Johnny Beehner, who looks oddly familiar.

As tradition goes, we all went over to the Bierstube for good drinks, conversations and apparently spa sessions.

The last Impress These Apes show is monday at the Lakeshore Theater. I'd really like to go, as I'm sure it'll be photo ops abound.

Oh, I won the Apiary Teeshirt.

I never win anything!


Anonymous Fojas said...

The comedians hands belong to someone who leaves the mic in the stand... They are slender, yet definitely not feminine... They are not mine... It's obviously someone that you've actually seen...

My guesses are either Kumail or Ken Barnard.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Geli Girl said...

i think it's weird that fojas puts so much thought into this...
but then again... okay, i'm curious too. and am too embarressed to put as much thought into it.

who's hands are they?

1:42 PM  
Blogger Always On Silent said...


Three people guessed Josh and Fojas was the only one who got it.

5:11 PM  

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