Comedy High School

Jared Logan.

February 7th, 2007. Blerds Showcase, The Empty Bottle.

Figures that the two journalists (myself and Kristy) are the first to arrive at the show, before the comedians, even.
First to arrive, hardest to laugh, less to drink, earliest to leave. It wasnt exactly like that in the fall...There's a professionalism that's arising in everyone, which will do alot of good, methinks.

The Empty Bottle is a tough joint to shoot in; red and green (low) lights, ugly aluminum stars.
I doubt it's that dark when they have rock shows.

CJ Sullivan.

Jared Logan hosted with Kumail, Sean Flannery, CJ Sullivan and Pat Brice showcasing.
A shit-ton of new, awesome videos were shown, including Mike Bridenstines' "Upscale Plastic Surgeon," and my personal favorite, Logans' 30 second morsel: "French Fry."


After the show, we were greeted by fresh-home-from-Florida Buscemi. He regailed us with stories about pelicans, water aerobics and elderlies in trailer homes. Mobile homes? Modular units? What's the P.C. Word for that?

Here he is bonding with the Venue Couch and it's cat.

More quiet observation of comedians with thier business talks and banter, then Kristy and I had a brief conversation regarding Brido's theory of how this scene is like a High School. You have comedians and artists in different grades. I would be a freshmen, as I only entered this less than a year ago.

You sort of start with a child-like mentality: just having fun, goofing off, not really caring about your grades. Things might get serious as you move up. When you're a "junior," you have to start thinking about graduating and what you're gonna' do after high school. Your "college" becomes what city you'll move to to progress in...NY or LA? Or do you stay in the hometown and see if you can become successful where you stay?

If you look at it lake that, your experiences here are like extracurricular activities. Venues you showcase at, shows at The Improv; they're almost like exams. I suppose my only extracurricular activity is The Bastion, but that figures as I've sort of been a yearbook photographer all my life.

Haha. Maybe I'm looking too deep into this analogy. But sometimes the achievement of a big goal can take up to four years of solid development and experience. It seems to happen alot in education and business.

Maybe I'm only a freshmen, but I really wanna take AP Classes.
Plus, those cool Seniors are so nice to me!


Anonymous Fojas said...

Wow... My comedy experience is a lot like my HS experiences. I was a lazy slacker that kept failing classes during my freshman, sophomore, & junior year.

Then senior year I was an even lazier slacker that ended up making the honor roll because I finally figured out how to properly be a slacker.

If this is an accurate analogy, then after Chicago, I'm going to go to a bigger city, realize that I hate it, then come back home and totally break down because I'm insecure about my future...

12:46 PM  
Blogger TechEd said...

Wow, not only can she take good pictures, better than some pros, she can actually scribe purty well too. A sign of maturity? I hope not.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Deva said...

People should read this.

12:36 PM  

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