4th Friday and Scribble.

Seth Thomas.

Begging for a new assignment, I went with K-rock to see 4th Friday, a new show at the Town Hall Pub.
Starting last night, it's held (appropriately) every 4th Friday of the month.
I was really impressed. For such a little venue and such crappy lighting/sound equipment, they managed to pull off a good show.
Dan P.

I've been trying to experiment with how I frame my shots, mix it up a little, try not to remain "typical." I'm zooming in alot more on faces and it's a little difficult, as I'm not very good at cropping. Then I have to try and keep my focus on a moving person. Hopefully I'll get better as I practice,but for now these will have to do.
Darius Kennedy.

Robert Buscemi.

Karen Thomas.

After the show, Roger, K-Rock, Dredge, Boosh and I went over the the infamous BYOB theatre, Playground to take in Scribble, which I've heard alot about.

Dean Carlson.

Boosh again.

Brendan McGowan.

Adventure Club.


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Haha, so what did you think of Scribble? C'mon, fanblogger, fanblog! =)

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