So it's been awhile, eh?
I think I may have a little case of the writers block. I'm perfectly capable of taking good shots, I just cant seem to get words. Yeah.

The past six days, I've been sharing my abode with a didactic young man from Toronto, David Dineen-Porter.

He only had two shows, even though he intended to do comedy every night he was here.

The week started as I met up with DDP at Thomas Middleditch's show at i.O. last weekend.
He greeted me by showing me a game for his Nintendo DS. He then pointed out the improv games Thomas and his improvisors were playing.

There was some hesitance after the show about what we should do next, so we ended up stopping at the 7-11 and going to Thomas's to play Guitar Hero, an introduction for me.

I got to see something amazing; two geniuses in one room who worked together, created amazing, imaginative stuff and seem to act just the same at thier reunion as I imagine they would have two years ago...

He did Your Sunday Best and got stage happy.
We had a few folks in the apartment after the show, ordered pizza, played Mario World 3 and had a very late night, indeed. He made alot of observations about the difference between the States and Canada. It's kinda' funny being an unbiased observer when it comes to stuff like that.
I couldnt take sides at all, only agree on points for both sides. Eh.

An interesting house guest, David tends to leave all the pantry doors open after he's taken out whatever object he needs. He also ate all (and only) the Brazil nuts out of the nut mix sitting on the coffee table.

At one point, I was sitting in the living room, reading the paper and he came out with a Speak N' Spell. He held it in front of himself, glanced at me and started spelling something. He was twisting two knobs on the side, causing the letters to warp in pitch. I started to laugh and he stopped, smirked and said "Good, you laughed," and walked out of the room.

The crowd at the Tuesday Riot show wasnt very impressive, but they were an ok audience. I only managed to get in for the last two or three minutes of DDP's set because I got out of work late.

I managed to get a few shots of TJ and Thomas doing improv at the end of the show.
I walked with David to the train station yesterday and we took in a crap meal at the station McDonalds. He made some notes on his voice recorder and took off back to the motherland.
I was so happy to see him live and get to watch his creative processes.
It was a real priviledge.


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