I took a little adventure to Kinko's today (yesterday)...and what an adventure it was. I stopped at Staples first to find out they only do copies. So I had to venture down to Western and Addison to Kinko's and have a preposterously flaky nineteen year old help me scan 30 some polaroids. He kept wiping his nose on the back of his hand. He muttered "Um," "Uh," and "Yeah" alot and suggested the slowest ways for me to go about scanning so the money on my Kinko's card can get sucked up as quickly as possible.

Here are some of my favorite polaroids with some synopses.

The night started off great.
When I walked in, Ken Barnard and Brady Novak were accosting people as they entered the bowling alley asking various questions and making comments like: "What are you looking forward to most tonight?" or "Let's go interview people at the McDonalds drive thru!" (as the McDonalds was about forty feet away from the alley). I hope to lord they dont use the footage from the interview with me, as I probably sounded like a bumbling hambone.
The joint was crowded and it was difficult to move around a lot. I brought the camera along without a second thought that I had no bag or pockets, so I had to sneak around with this giant box around my neck and ask various people to hold my drink, photos and sometimes wallet while I shot. Not to mention while wearing pointy black high-heeled shoes and a skirt. Whew. This was a big alternative compared to my handy digital camera.

K-Rock, Angel, and I stood near the ATM and noticed Bill Cruz (freshly soused from the Bronco's game) at the bar, complete with cane and cast (he fractured his foot some two weeks ago and had to walk around with this goofy cane).

A couple of people from LA and other out of town areas were around . I was excited to meet Eric Acosta and nerded out when I told him how much I love the videos on Channel 101.

I went upstairs to see what the set-up looked like and was blinded immediately by Josh's bright yellow jumpsuit and goggles. I went back downstairs to see what was going on and a few people had cleared out, so there was alot more room to move around. Here is Josh and said jumpsuit's girlfriend, Becky.

I came across Andy Ross diving into a toothsome piece of pizza. I went to take the photo but frowned, as I had run out of polaroids. I demanded he hold the pose as I ran to K-Rock's bag to reload the film...He did. A friend pointed out that in this photo, Andy's sleeve is sharper than his face.

Just before midnight, a small group decided to form a little dance party by the stage. I reveled in Mike Bridenstine's "Chicken-Noodle Soup."

It was not hard to convince Online Personality Rob Johnson to pose for a "Scowling Expression" photo.

After 12:01 we all gave each other our respective hugs and kisses and hung out for awhile, trying to find anyone we missed. Around 12:20, a group of us tried to figure out what the bowling situation was. Someone has booked two lanes for 12:30, so we grabbed shoes and set up teams.
I love this image of Faye screaming at the person on the loudspeaker...I think bowling was the most fun part of the night.

Josh Cheney with intereference from Steve O. Harvey's hand.

Speaking of Steve O. Harvey, he had a bit of a time last night. After a few drinks, he was goofing off and hoopin' and hollorin.' CJ Sullivan could be quoted as saying "I've never seen a man have so much fun...that made my 2007, right there." Here he is with David Angelo.

I was really proud of myself. I managed to win the game with a 93. Not much, but more than I've ever bowled in my life and I'd have to say my form was pretty good, too.
After bowling, we milled about the bar and a few extra's showed up including TJ, Nate Craig and Pat Brice. They started taking down the decorations as the bartenders tried to kick us out. Nate helped out and nabbed this purple doosy.

Someone pointed out that Pat and Steve O. were wearing (almost) the exact same shirt.

If you want to see more, I have plenty on my Flickr account.


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