Have you met my sworn enemy, The Hideout?
Each and every Stares show I go to, I struggle to get one (if any) good, still, sharp photo. I've mentioned this before. Subjects look like they're in a basement. Their eyes seem hollowed out and if they're wearing dark clothes...forget about it. Even with the new camera, I get two good ones out of 48. This is a photographer's will, though. I'm very stubborn and I hate the idea of an obtrusive flash, especially in such an intimate venue.

This is Brent Weinbach, the headliner for the show last night. He made a few fart/poo jokes, which I dont usually like when performed on stage, but something about his set was pretty darn strong and he kept the crowd quite attentive.

I'm looking forward to a few photo projects, as long as certain producers and performers stick to their words...I have an idea for a big project I want to do...it's just a matter of pitching it to around 20 different people. Eep. I have a limited amount of time to get everyone done and I still have to come up with some other ideas but for now it's just sitting in my craw, stewing.

I went to the zoo last week for all of 20 minutes. I left early because my battery went dead (I wasnt checking the LCD). I took this. I like it.
I intend to go back this week to finish what I started. We'll see what I can get.


A Month.

A full month since I've posted. Pretty bad, huh? I promise I'll get better at posting frequently.
I dont know what's with me. I didnt even post any pictures from D.C.

It was a good time. There was much to take in and alot going on with a ton of people, so I really didnt get as many pictures as I expected. It ended up being like a vacation from photography. I got to be touristy without worrying about the artistic value of what I was doing.
With alot of sleeping in and a busy night-life.

My favorite two pictures from the trip:

The first is of the Blerds boys (all of them except one); a group of pals we saw alot of that weekend. The second makes no sense. Photographically, artistically...it's crap. It was taken at 2am in a cab heading to a party. It was the closest I got to the capitol building. I like it because it reminds me how crazy and beautiful D.C. was; an eventful weekend where all the days bled into one another. I dont remember what happened on what day. Was it Friday night I pulled an all-nighter and went sightseeing alone from 5am to noon? Saturday night dancing at the festival after-party? A late flight home on Sunday with the threat of a dangerous thunderstorm?

Well anyway. That's the jist of it.
This past Thursday night I went to see my roomate's friends play at The Beat Kitchen. The lead singer likes my stuff and asked me to go take pictures. I ended up being happier with the non-band pictures that night. Like zis:

And zis:
I cannot express without passion how annoyed I am with Canon and the lens error problem that keeps popping up. I take care of my camera. I take care of it real goods. Yet this keeps happening and I'm downright done with it. To the point of wanting to buy a Nikon when the time comes.
I'll either give the Geek Squad what for when I take it in (for the sixth time) or I'll personally call Canon up and "shit in a bag and punch it."

I'm jealous of Annie Leibovitz. It's official.The "official" photographer for the Olympics. Countless celebrities, artists, politicians, presidents. Chief photographer for Rolling Stone, books, exhibitions...Oh, yeah. She also toured with the Rolling Stones in 75'. There's that.
Now THE QUEEN calls her up and says "Hey, Annie. Come to London. Let's rock these poses out."
Maybe I'm not jealous. I'm just...not a studio photographer. I'm not sure if I could do it. I'd like her credence, at least. I think I'm gonna' try my first stab at "head-shots" soon.

First things first though: get a reliable camera and more, more, more experience. Right?

Dwight Nights/Maria Bamford is next weekend. EXPECT pictures, kiddos.