Looks like this has become a "once monthly" thing.
I either cant get my camera into shows, I end up despising the show (e.g.: Louis CK), I'm obsessively unenthused about my pictures or I just don't get to enough shows (on a weekly basis) to post.

I'm here now. Without a Flickr account, it seems. Yeah! my year is up and I need to buy a new one (or find a better provider).

Some kit-kats are in from LA this week, so I decided to venture out to ChUC to see the performances.
Good fun.
Sam Fels.

Jared Logan.

Eric Acosta. I am seriously terrified of this man.


I didnt stay long afterwards, as much as I wanted to. I was super-tired, super-hungry and super-broke. I helped Tony roll up the banners, mingled shortly and took off.
I spoke with McQuern briefly and offered my photo-taking, reaching-up-high-things-abilities for when she takes over the Shift at ChUC. I think she was glad to hear it. Hopefully I'll be able to help out when I can.

I took this before I left. I like this picture. Even though it's grainy and blotchy and dark.

That's all for this time...
I'm going on vacation, suckas!