Today I Killed My Legs.

Here's something kind of dumb/outgoing I did today. On my new bike "Walter" I rode downtown. (Red is the route I took downtown, blue is the route back).

Down Ashland to Addison, to Wrigleyville to try and buy Cubs tickets.

Further down Clark to Ontario, stopped, got a deli sandwich for lunch. See Walter through the window?
Through the city (somewhere past Daley Plaza and through god-knows where). To Millennium park in an area of the park I've never been. Declared it the best part of the park. Out loud. No one heard me because NO ONE was around.

Along some path past Navy Pier... ...To Oak street beach where a guy was "kiting" and an old couple were watching. Not much Photoshop can do for a grey day like today.Some fountain on the trail. Thank God for these fountains. I would have died of dehydration right there on the trail.

...Ended at work (basically). See below picture of Ann.

I'm a maniac.


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